Wrap Lube

Tired of squeaky cloth? Then this is your answer. Using state of the art polymer technology this product provides excellent foam and eve better lubricity for friction applications.


Tired of squeaky cloth? If so, then Wrap lube is your answer! Using state of the art polymer technology, this product provides excellent foam and even better lubricity for friction applications. This lubricating detergent is designed to eliminate the squeaking and grabbing of all cleaning materials.

This product is designed to be used in friction applications to improve brush lubricity. Apply it directly to wraps/brushes through nozzles. It can also be applied using a foam generation applicator (foam stick, shower head, pod, foam curtain, etc.). For all applications begin by applying it at 200-250:1. This product is viscous and thus may require larger metering tips/settings to pull at the proper rate. For best results dilute product with soft water when applying.

Some of the main features of this car wash soap include the production of rich, white foam, effective lubrication on brushes and wraps, a hard-water tolerance, and no phosphates.

The specifications for this product include a white coloring with no fragrance. White foam is produced by this product, and it has a pH of 7-8. Please see the “Data Sheets” tab for more information on product specifications.

These data sheets contain a breakdown of how to properly use this car wash soap product. For more information on data sheets, or, to see all the data sheets we have to offer, click here.

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