Red Hot

A lean and mean alkaline presoak that delivers great results. The beauty with this product is its simplicity.


A lean and mean alkaline presoak that delivers great results. The beauty of this product is its simplicity. This product is an economical presoak that time and time again performs in the toughest conditions. It also doubles as a great tire & wheel cleaner or high-pressure prep soap. Save on shipping and space when purchasing this as part of the EZ Presoak System.

This product can be applied under low or high pressure. When applying it as a presoak application it is best applied under low pressure. In a touch-free setting apply at 18-36:1 (10-20 drops). Allow dwelling before rinsing. In friction or self-serve applications apply at 48-75:1 (5-8 drops). The product can also be applied as a tire cleaner. Apply on low pressure through a CTA at 10-20:1 (20-30 drops). For application as a high-pressure, prep detergent consult your sales representative.

Some of the main features of this car wash soap include the product being economical, a versatile crossover application, availability in 2-twin packs equaling 55-gallons of presoak, and a great show and performance.

The specifications for this product include a red coloring with no fragrance. White foam is produced by this product, and it has a pH of 13-14. Please see the “Data Sheets” tab for more information on product specifications.

These data sheets contain a breakdown of how to properly use this car wash soap product. For more information on data sheets, or, to see all the data sheets we have to offer, click here.

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