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Got a carwash bay that is repulsive and detracting from business? If so, this is your answer.


Got a carwash bay that is repulsive and detracting from your business? If so, this is your answer. This product will help restore that new look and bring business back. It is a concentrated product containing hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid designed for cleaning and brightening aluminum, stainless steel, and the dirtiest carwash bays. When used as a wheel cleaner it is second to none. Consult before use.

Handle With Care! When used as a bay/equipment cleaner for regular maintenance begin at 50:1. Try in a small spot before attempting larger areas. For brightening aluminum use with extreme care. Use at 30-50:1. Apply in a small spot to test potency. Strengthen if necessary. For cleaning and brightening aluminum wheels, do not apply to dry hot wheels. Begin application at 120-150:1 (16-20 drops). Always wear proper PPE when using this product. Consult sales representative before use.

Some of the main features of this car wash soap include extreme strength, fast action, excellent at removing road film, and versatile application.

The specifications for this product include a green coloring with no fragrance. White foam is produced by this product, and it has a pH of 0-1. Please see the “Data Sheets” tabs for more information on product specifications.

These data sheets contain a breakdown of how to properly use this car wash soap product. For more information on data sheets, or, to see all the data sheets we have to offer, click here.

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